Trailers are manufactured as single and double axle and used for transporting of agricultural products and other purposes.aren't self powered.Speed of trailer is limited according to country laws.Trailers are divided into two groups as general purpose trailers and special purpose trailers. General purpose trailers are more economic for the small agribusiness. General purpose trailers are also suitable in big agribusiness but special purpose trailers are very advantageous for big agribusiness.According to these advantageous, types of special purpose trailers as follows:
-General purpose trailers
-Corn and Grass silage trailers
-Manure trailers
According to board construction system trailers are divided into two groups.
a) Wood board trailers
b) Sheet iron board trailers
In generally we manufacture our trailers as sheet iron board but according to costumers' wishes we manufacture wood board trailers. According to capacity, trailers are manufactured 1t-6t single axle.According to unloading system, trailers are divided into three groups.
1) Damper type (with a tipping system)
a) Rear side tipping
2) Fixed type (without a tipping system)
3 ) Three way tipping system.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications* Unit 2TDRTANDEM
Loading Capacity kg 10000
Ibs 22046
Total Width (W) mm 2340 7'8"
Total Lenght (L) mm 5700  18'8"
Total Height (H) mm 2030 6'8"
Track Width mm 1670 5'6"
Inner Size Width mm 2200 7'3"
Inner Size Height mm 4500 14'9"
Height of Door mm 600 1'12"
Additional wall height mm 300 12"
Number of Axle pcs 2
Tyre size mm 12.5/80-15.3 /3"-1"
Leaf Spring  pcs 7
Brake System   Mechanical/Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Mech & Hyd
Rear Tipper   STD
Three Way Tipper   OPS
Electric system   OPS
Required Power   85-90
Total Weight kg -
* Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.