Subsoil Fertilizer Spreaders with two fertilizing tines are mounted to tractor by three point linkage system. Space between tines is adjustable. If required, spreading mechanism of one of the tines can be closed to work with one tine.These spreaders are used to apply fertilizers into subsoil in all kind of vineyards and fruit gardens. Fertilizer spreader machine enriches the soil by spreading the fertilizer to plants as wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower, corn, beans, and sunflower.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications* Unit BAF 160 BAF 200
Hopper Capacity lt 300 300
gallon 79 79
Number of Disc pcs 2 2
Working Width mm 1200-1400-1600 1600-2000 3'11"/4'7"/5'3" 5'3"/6'7"
Total Width (W) mm 1350/1750 1750/2150 4'5"/5'9" 5'9"/7'1"
Total Length (L) mm 1350 1350 4'5" 4'5"
Total Height (H) mm 1300 1300 4'3" 4'3"
Category   I-II II
Space Between Tines   1200-1600 1600-2000
Transmission Type   1/1 1/1
Mixing System   Vertical
PTO Rotation rpm 540
Required Power hp 40-70 60-75
Total Weight kg 288 300
Ibs 634 661
*Manufacturer reserves rights to change them without notice.